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Seorang pemuda Somali sedang berdiri di koridor masjid kami, seolah sedang termenung. Beliau dulu murid saya di Sunday School dan sekarang sudah tamat SMA, baru masuk kuliah dan juga baru mulai bekerja. Bersama ayahnya,  beliau sedang menulis buku tentang perjalanan keluarganya dari Somalia sampai ke Boise.

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# 6:43 am

Finding Islamic Toilet (3): A Muslim Urinal

So far, this is the most serious attempt in the search of a Muslim urinal. Check here and here for my earlier rants on this topic. I think there are many people trying to come up with a good design for a Muslim urinal, but here is a design that has already been implemented.

From Masjid Salman at the campus of Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia (foto credit: Salim Rusli).

Muslim Urinal at Masjid Salman ITB

Muslim Urinal at Masjid Salman ITB

As you can see, the urinal is the so-called Muslim urinal by Toto, i.e. a urinal with a water drip that goes in the urinal. The only difference is the shield that protects the user from splashes of urine.

At this point, I do not know if there is a basis for the design decisions. For example: what is the height of the shield. Should it be a little bit higher so that the sides cover the urinal all the way up?  Is there a research on the “splash rate” from the original Toto urinal, and whether this design eliminates the splash?

In any case, I want this for my masjid. What do you think?


# 4:06 pm

Tahfizh management software

This is the English version (with heavy editing) of my earlier post, which is actually an email posting to various mailing list.

Some facts about memorizing the Quran

Fact 1: As a Malay saying says, “Apal kaji karena diulang”, something is memorized because you repeat it.

Fact 2: Memorizing itself is easy. To continue memorizing new materials while retaining old materials is extremely difficult.

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# 3:48 pm

MOU haram jadah?

Apakah MOU yang seperti ini bukannya melegalkan jual beli suara?

Menurut Ade yang juga warga RT 20, pemasangan tiang listrik bantuan itu juga berdasarkan kesepakatan bersama (MOU) yang dibuat secara tertulis antara Aswin dan tokoh masyarakat setempat. Menurut dia, berdasarkan MOU ditargetkan perolehan suara untuk Aswin di RT tersebut sebanyak 200 suara, tetapi pada kenyataannya Aswin hanya memperoleh 17 suara. (lengkapnya di

Tiang listrik itupun diruntuhkan setelah kalah suara, seolah caleg yang terhormat ini konsisten dengan bunyi MOU haram yang ditandatanganinya bersama warga. Kalau jual-beli suara sudah sampai ke tahap hitam di atas putih seperti ini, kita hanya bisa bertanya: how low can you go?

# 6:06 pm

Taxies: Indonesians are (actually) not lazy

It was our trip back to Lafayette, Indiana, from ifthar gathering in Springfield, Illinois, sometime back in Ramadhan 2004. The trip was around three hours, and it was late in the night. But for the three of us in the car, the trip was fun because we were engaged in a deep discussion.

One of the things that I asked Paul Horstman, who was driving the other day, was about taxi: how many kinds of taxi do you know? I think he was unprepared for that question. “What do you mean how many?” he asked. A taxi is a taxi.

Well, yeah, I said, you probably know only one kind of taxi, which is a car. For us in Indonesia, we know a lot of other kinds of taxi. Of course, we have the standard taxi as it is known here in the US.
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# 9:19 am

Mau merokok?

Singapura adalah negara, yang tanpa banyak gembar-gembor, cukup sukses dalam menurunkan angka perokok di negaranya. Sebabnya bisa dilihat dari gambar berikut ini.

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You either write something that you will be remembered for or do something that people will write about. Other than that, you are just passing TIME.

– Deen Aljunied

If Moses had gotten the Ten Commandments on a floppy disk, it would never have made it to today. (Dag Spicer, curator of the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, The NYTimes Circuit, 26-Mar-2009)

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”
George Bernard Shaw, Maxims for Revolutionists

“The wrath of God is the only way I can describe it. I’m used to seeing roofs off houses, houses blown over. These houses were down to their foundations, stripped clean.” said Governor Phil Bredesen of Tennessee, after surveying tornado damage there.

James Madison said, “If there be a principle that ought not to be questioned within the United States, it is that every man has a right to abolish an old government and establish a new one.” In Indonesia, …, well no comment.

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